The Iranian church is one of the fastest growing in the world. Since the establishment of the Islamic Government in Iran, multitudes of Iranians have come to know Jesus personally, and in spite of fierce persecution, have stood their ground in following their newfound faith. The conservative view is that there are at least a couple of million Christians inside the country, and thousands scattered all over the world. 


The Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course, has been translated into Farsi and has just been launched by 222 Ministries International, to be used as a tool, for an effective, easy and church wide discipleship, through which the relatively young Iranian church, will find her identity in Christ, resolve its personal and spiritual conflicts and grow as victorious and fruitful disciples for Jesus. 


The Freedom in Christ Ministries - Farsi section - exists to distribute the course material and provide assistance to leaders, in implementing it to their specific church or group setting. The Farsi translation of the books is compatible with the English course, and easily usable in bilingual settings.


To view the material,and for information please contact: (Farsi website) (English/Farsi webshop) 


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