United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The purpose of FICM UK is to equip the UK Church to transform the nations. We want to help every church make fruitful disciples so that they can advance Christ's kingdom more effectively. Our driving motivation is the conviction that the effectiveness of the UK Church could be revolutionised if enough individual Christians understood better how to walk in the freedom that Christ has won for them.

We equip the Church specifically in the areas of personal discipleship for adults and young people, marriage and family, and dealing with corporate issues that hold churches back. We are a resource ministry available to all denominations and groupings within the Christian Church.

Our primary emphasis is on equipping and enabling Christian leaders. We do not work with individual Christians except through their church. We do not seek to control how Christian leaders implement our methodology but we do produce helpful guidelines and do all we can to encourage best practice.

In the UK we are registered as Freedom In Christ Ministries (FICM) as a company limited by guarantee (ie a not-for-profit organisation) number 3984116 and a registered charity (number 1082555). We are a member of the UK Evangelical Alliance. The UK office was established in May 2000 and is funded entirely through donations and proceeds from resource sales and conferences.

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