16 Brand New Songs To Enjoy As You Go Through Freedom In Christ



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Wayne Tester had reached a level of success as a songwriter that others can only dream about. He wrote the theme song for the Sydney Olympics which was heard by 3.7 billion people at one time and has won many top awards. But when he went through Freedom In Christ, he realized he had issues with pride and performance and had made God’s gifts an idol. So he threw all his awards away (literally!) and now bases his identity solely on who he is in Christ. Wayne and his wife Esther wrote Worship In Spirit And Truth, an album of 16 powerful new songs inspired by Freedom In Christ, to go along with the course. Apart from being great music, the songs will help you take the truths taught in Freedom In Christ from head to heart.



Nicole C. Mullen is a singer-songwriter who has been inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. She is the only African-American artist to win a Dove Award for both Song of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year. In this video she shares the story of how her son was hugely helped by Freedom In Christ’s teaching:

Samples of songs are below. You can also buy lyric videos to use in worship in your church.

The album was produced in Nashville by Testricity Music Group and also features many other artists, including Nicole C. Mullen and The Katinas.



Sample 30-second clips from each song are available below together with the session from Freedom In Christ they go with: 


Introduction: Why Believe The Bible?

Come Closer (featuring Lyndon Allen of Total Life Victory)


Session 1: Who Am I?

That's Who I Am (Part 1 of 4) (featuring Testricity)


Session 2: Choosing To Believe The Truth

Eyes Of Faith (featuring Ileia Sharae)


That's Who I Am (Part 2 of 4) (featuring Chris Lockwood)


Session 3: The World’s View Of Truth

We Choose Life (featuring The Katinas)


That's Who I Am (Part 3 of 4) (featuring Ileia Sharae)


Session 4: Our Daily Choice

Living In Colour (featuring Ele Ivory)


That's Who I Am (Part 4 of 4) (featuring Ileia Sharae &
Lyndon Allen of Total Life Victory)


Session 5: The Battle For Our Minds

Standing Stronger (featuring Ileia Sharae)


Session 6: Handling Emotions Well

Ever Present God (Psalm 139) (featuring Testricity)


My Father (featuring Chris Lockwood)


Session 7: Forgiving From The Heart

Freely Forgive (featuring Jason Barton)


Session 8: Renewing The Mind

Butterfly (featuring Testricity)


Session 9: Relating To Others

One (featuring Nicole C. Mullen)


Session 10: What Next?

It's A Brave New World (featuring Chris Lockwood)


My New Name (featuring Jason Barton)



Or you can order a physical CD.

You can purchase the song videos here!