KEYS TO HEALTH, WHOLENESS, & FRUITFULNESS is a video-based discipleship course for every Christian. It is ideal for small groups or individuals. It has eight main sessions, two optional extra sessions, and a ministry component: The Steps To Health & Wholeness. The video sessions are available to watch for free (details below)!

Join us on an exciting adventure that brings together truth from the Bible and wisdom from the medical world to equip you to be a healthy, whole disciple of Jesus whose life really counts. 

  • Understand how to look after your whole being – spirit, mind, and body – so that you can be the person God has called you to be and do the things He has prepared specifically for you to do.

  • Uncover the roots of health issues and learn how to resolve them.

  • Live well despite the limitations of your physical body.

  • Get rid of stress, anxiety, and fear.

  • Learn how to make consistent, healthy choices.

  • Deal with negative habits that try to control you.

  • Understand what the Bible teaches about supernatural healing.

  • Why physical death holds no fear.

  • Includes an 8-point plan to address any health issue so that you can be sure you have done everything you can do.


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View the introductory session: Transforming Health


You will need this Participant’s Guide to accompany you through the course. 


Where can I get the Participant's Guide?

You'll need our 198-page Participant's Guide in order to get the most out of the course. It contains notes for all the sessions, all the additional information small groups will need, the Pause For Thought discussion questions, and, crucially, the Steps To Health & Wholeness session. You can access a Kindle version immediately or get a hard copy delivered to you by your local Freedom In Christ office:




South Africa



For details of our other offices see the bottom of the page.


Can I get a copy of the videos?

The videos can be streamed for free (see below) or accessed with our other video-based courses via our FreedomStream service. If you want to get your hands on physical media, your local Freedom In Christ office can supply a USB stick containing the videos that you can play on Smart TVs, computers and other devices:




South Africa

For details of our other offices see the bottom of the page. 



Is there an accompanying app?

There is no app specifically for this course. However, the Freedom In Christ Course app contains a great Stronghold-Buster-Builder that participants will find really helpful.

How do I watch the free video, Why Believe The Bible?

In Session 1 we mention a free video for those who want to know why we believe that the Bible really is God's message to the people He created. It's the optional introductory session to our best-selling Freedom In Christ Course and you can see it here.

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