The Lightbringers Church Edition

Help children know who they are in Jesus

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• Brand new action-packed resource with 10 teaching sessions for churches to run in Sunday schools, small groups, or holiday clubs
• Plus brand new children's versions of The Steps To Freedom In Christ ministry component
• Two age groups (5-8 and 9-11)
• Comprehensive hard copy Leader's Guide (276 pages)
• Plus downloadable videos, songs, activity sheets, and PowerPoint presentations
• Use The Lightbringers in your church with as many children as you like for as long as you like without paying any more!

• Parents can use The Lightbringers Family Version at home to reinforce the course in your church
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Leader's Guide... 
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Try Before You Buy

The Lightbringers comes in two parts:

1. The 276-page hard copy Leader's Guide which leaders of The Lightbringers will need: contains background information; hints and tips; time plans for each of the ten sessions; games; activities. It is in short absolutely indispensable!
2. The Lightbringers Online Resources: 10 story videos for each age group; 11 songs in MP3 format; 11 lyric videos; 11 activity sheets to print out for each age group; 11 Powerpoint presentations for each age group; other useful items such as parental permission forms and a completion certificate.

Download a sample session

What's covered in each session?


Pricing And Ordering

FIRST, get the hard copy Leader's Guide book from your local Freedom In Christ office, which contains all the info you need for both age groups. Also available from other retailers (ISBN no. 978 1 913082 05 5).

THEN head back here with the code printed in the book to get a 25% reduction on the price of the downloadable resources. (Some of our offices will email the code to you immediately when you purchase the Leader's Guide so that there is no delay). 

The total price you will pay for the Leader's Guide and the Online Resources is shown in the final column below (excluding carriage charges and assuming you pay our recommended price for the Leader's Guide).

Remember, if you only need one Leader's Guide, you need never pay any more to run the Lightbringers in your church with as many children as you like! 



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Use the code printed in your Leader's Guide (on page 7) to claim your discount.